Jurek Przezdziecki - Hard to Spell EP

Label: Boshke Beats Records
Format: Digital EP
Country: Spain
Release Date: May 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno

    Track List:
  1. La Piece Blue (Original Mix)
  2. La Piece Blue (Jacek Sienkiewicz Remix)
  3. La Piece Blue (Paul Brtschitsch Extended Remix)

Since the first time I've heard Jurek's tunes I knew that in the future that name will be one of these which work I will highly appreciate. Today, after a large number of releases, ending with this one, that fact is completely true. I am falling in love in his sound totally. „Hard To Spell EP“ that I have received from highly respected colleague and friend, Alex Tolstey, is something wonderfull for me. Mystic ambient melody element on crunchy beat all over with hypnotic background sound, totally overwhelmed me. I do not know why people consistently describe this style as minimal techno when its massive and certainly full of beautiful oscillations. I must mention that this style would be perfectly good mix with previous Boshke release of Fuzzion and EP „Free Tibet“ It's tender, melting and dreamy but for shore club groove music and perfectly for inner DJ set composition of calming after and before „fire“ start again. Remixes of this single are awesome too. Of course Jurek is my nuber one but compared between the two remixes, Paul gets a slight edge because of the rhythm section that was written as my taste like acid dream pads too. That does not diminish the value Jacek's remix. This is just a purely matter of taste to adjudicate in close decision.

Can not describe my joy in existence of artists and labels like Jurek and Boshke Beats, which will always and always have my greatest support to past and further of their excellent work.
Have no enough words to describe this masterpiece. As release title say: „It's hard to spell“

Just play it!!!


Excizen - Extravaganza & Grief EP

Label: Horns And Hoofs Entertainment
Format: Digital
Country: Germany
Release Date: 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno

    Track List:
  1. Extravaganza & Grief
  2. Meisterdieb
  3. Dog Decibel

There is no bigger satisfaction than when, with strolling in various publications, find something totally unknown and totally beautiful for your ears.

Of course I am not talking about this release, cause this release is totally well known for me. I am talking about guy who produced this EP and moment in about 2 years ago when I first heard about this project. It was love at first listening. Not so long, on my great pleasure, Excizen became official artists of Soundmute Recordings. A series of upcoming releases put this project to a much higher level and introduced audiences to new serious sounds. One of those releases is "Extravagance And Grief" presented by one of greates techno trance label "Horns & Hoofs" and right now I will talk about that.

Three golden tracks synchronized into a single unit as extended play edition. Well selected loops and fine played melodies give us a deep club pleasure fulfilled all the corners of brain and ambience. Minimal groove with maximum fat pad basslines allows subtle mixing each next track, which got in the composition and set story. I like that the most. Distorted vibration and sound of sharp hats arround the beat with crunchy background are the bullseye recepie for everyones ears. Try it at the volume up and you will know much better what i'm talking about Special attention on track themes. Simplicity and the essence is what adorns this EP. I'm sure this release will be the content of many DJ sets and I am happy about that. This kind of music will make you great my friend. One more thing that I have to mention that for me plays a big role here, tracks names. Excizen always surprise me with tracks names as much as with his project name when i heard first time. Excellent choice!

Huge respect to Excizen and H&H. Looking forward to the next release of this label and this project.

Burn it on plastic!!!