Kalumet - Burlesque

Label: Halu Beats Recordings
Format: CD, Album
Country: Hungary
Release Date: Oct 2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: Psy-Trance, Progressive Trance

    Track List:
  1. 80 Farts Around The World
  2. All In
  3. Wake Up Johnny!
  4. Dead Man's Blues
  5. Let Me Be Your Magic Gadget
  6. 'No Vidra' Dance School
  7. Slapstick
  8. Suck My Track
  9. Fool Me Like A Stranger
  10. Nervous Buddha

You know him! You know him very well! Anyone who is in that kind of underground deep beats and bass emotional way of expression must know this already well renowned funky, funny progressive style project. Ladies and gentleman, will just say KALUMET!

Long time waiting first album finally saw the light of electronic music scene. As we all know from previous works, Your and my expectations were completely fulfilled. This album continues in the same manner. From the very start appear quite interesting clips of different music background that fill associated elements of created tracks. Halu Beats & Kalumet, with united forces, are playing the "rules" of arrangement music composition. From moment to another, listeners can feel super grooves with even visual tracks themes. In my opinion, something totally different from everything what we used to hear lately. Something that I would recognize from distance at places like big festival fields with huge line up. More then like it!!! As artist said, this is like collection of 5 years of hard working of Kalumet project. Pretty damn good collection. It feels that the album was created a long time, as it should be, from lot of difference in tracks and styles. It's colorful and diverse, just like the cover art.

Speaking of cover art, it attracts me totally. Fits into what's covered and gives the impression of abstract art, inside and outside as well.

"Makedonsko devojce" track sample thats show up somewhere in the middle of album fascinated me, especially cause I am from that region and it's totally recognizable for me, but also will be interesting to rest of Kalumet listeners all over the globe, I am pretty sure of that.

Must mention that grooves in tracks are not fast, offensive or hard. It's more like floating drive with lot of techno motives, which is the best approach to beat for me then first mentioned way of expression. During the album listening I notice that whole composition sound like mixed CD music and again all tracks on CD are story for themselves and can be played separately, without interference. That's the details, I know, but details that I notice and respect. Classical music motives are full strike!!! Break the story of previouse track, but not the composition of album, and lead me in to story of next one, much better than the track started without that classical music part. If you people, know what I mean? Will try to describe like: "Drive me! Break me! Touch me! Drive me!" Totally unpredictable and innovative in one new shape. Not to forget parts in tracks with break beat bars that sound like type machine with industrial touch of 90's. I didn't want to separate album by tracks but must admit that "Slapstick" drives me arround totally. I heard even The Prodigy, Crystal Method, Filter and similar style inside. Of course stomping beat is wonderful. Let's say that this one is, so far, my favorite. But to be honest, it is difficult to separate them.

Long story short, all I know is that I would like to hear him live at some big sound system. I wanted in earlier period too but after this album I must!!!

Thank to force majeure on this kind of minds, otherwise I really don't know what would've I listen.


Jurek Przezdziecki - Thirty Hurry EP

Label: Boshke Beats Records
Format: Digital EP
Country: Spain
Release Date: Oct 2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno

    Track List:
  1. Thirty Hurry
  2. Noise Lead Walking

Great number of high quality releases from Jurek is constantly making our speakers to beg for his massive sound. He and one of the best known labels of today, Boshke Beats, are main suppliers of top-level club sound which we need today more then ever. I don't wanna bother you with broad introduction to the already more than well known artist and label that is releasing classics. My focus will be on another ultimate release which signes this productive year of 2009.

From the very first single "Qwerty Poema" on Cocoon, "Odd Ludek" EP on Soundmute recordings under the alias Epi Centrum, insuperable „Gain Over“ EP on Synewave from which I must nominate track "Fader Matter" as one of the best ever, over Whirlpoolsex Music vinyl and top chart made by Depeche Mode, Jurek has definitely put a „point to and“ for this year, with hyper edition named „Thirty Harry“.

I have no need to illustrate his extraordinary production and great skill in manipulation with sound, so I will rather talk about idea of tracks. Unavoidable galloping bassline which is followed by very cavernous kick, flowed perfectly into a smooth water of rhythm and markes the beginning of this EP. I never doubt that I will „run on“ to playful congas. Don't get me wrong, it's not a matter of predictability, but only the well known brand of performer who puts on each tape same signature but every time with different pen. Let's skip the talk about each individual semple, let's concentrate on the oppening moment of this EP. In the first part of release, main accent is placed on the pumping element that, literally, strikes below knees. While the massive, fat and muddy rhythm is moving your feet, bells and tabular synths are hypnotizing upper body and especially head. In every single moment I have the impression that the gap between low and high frequency is enormous, no matter how the depth of sound is keeping these tones together.

In the second part of the release, situation is more or less unchanged. Major difference is that we have that „bouncy“ rhythm and groove, which can be cought in a loop as a great tool for many tracks. Theme of song reaches a real pop sound, but it is adapted to the style that this artist prefers. Definitely, I was most impressed by light and still very energetic rhythm which keeps on driving and driving his way, disregarding oscillations of theme in track.

2010, be ready for new wave of extraordinary pleasure.