Chill On Ice (Second Edition)

Label: Cosmicleaf Records
Format: CD Compilation
Country: Greece
Release Date: Aug 2006
Genre: Electronic
Style: Downtempo, Ambient

    Track List:
  1. MLT - Sardonia
  2. D. Batistatos - In The Bottom Of The Ocean
  3. Zero Cult - If
  4. Del & Gen - Whisper
  5. Random Designers vs Arcane Trickster - Golden Triangle (Edit)
  6. Side Liner - Next Page
  7. Zero Cult - P-Ray
  8. Omegahertz - Nostos (Vocal Edition)
  9. Goasia - Nature
  10. Outer Heaven - Undo The Future

  11. Bonus Track:
  12. Side Liner - Subconscious Games

A very high quality album of psychedelic chill from Greek label Cosmicleaf, their first compilation and one that consistently hits the mark. Each of these ten tracks are fully developed pieces traversing a range of moods and beats, setting Chill On Ice well apart from the tuneless beats and unfocused doodling that afflicts the poorer comps in this genre. The featured artists hail mostly from Greece, but also from Israel, Australia, Serbia and Montenegro.

The ambient spaces between electro, trance, rock and world fusion are fertile ones, and the richness of the sounds on Chill On Ice suggest a group of artists diving headlong into them with passion, open minds and impressive programming skills. There's no room for purists here - the opening "Sardonia" combines a Kraftwerk-style arpeggio with rock guitar in a way that sounds absolutely natural. Bum tracks? None to speak of. Outstanding is Side Liner's "Next Page" with its almost-classic trance breakdown that kicks back in with peaktime dancefloor intensity, despite being half the pace. Zero Cult's "P-Ray" achieves an exquisite tension between its darkly buzzing groove below and sweet piano phrases above. Del & Gen's "Whisper" is all Balearic beauty and uplifting vibes, with a soaring organ chords weaving gently through its layered melodies.

I could wax lyrical about every track here but I'm sure you get the gist. If you've been waiting years for Spiritzone Records to release another of their famous psy-chill comps then here's a beautiful alternative." Label Review