Peter Gun - Strobe

Label: Tribal Vision
Format: CD, Album
Country: Czech Republic
Release Date: Apr 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Progressive House, Progressive Trance

    Track List:
  1. Silverstream
  2. Microsleep
  3. Perfect (Album Version)
  4. Pressure Point 2010
  5. Montagsrokka
  6. Oyster Farm
  7. Barbeque Shapes
  8. Shot At Frank's Bar
  9. Deep Flow
    (with Martin H)

After the successful number of release from Tribal Vision rec, I stopped to ask my self what will be next to each encounter. I even thought on experimental digital releases that appears from time to time between albums and compilations. I know that they are built their own style since long ago, but lately it comes to expression in particular. Peter Gun, with his new album, totally and perfectly fits into this new label idea.

Lot of electro melodic motives from track to track. Beautiful pads and harmonic moments are everywhere arround. I didn't had a chance to hear those tracks in clubs or any kind of event but I can imagine. Surround with dancing love. Easy going beat reminds on minimal technical moments and background of tracks tell us a quite full story. With the bassline here and there, goes even into progressive water. Successful manipulation of styles into a one whole. The most impressive moment of this album is that, when I heard my friend to play some of tracks themes on his guitar, I realized that this album can be played by live band actually. We have that times while listening music to cover with some instruments that we have arround. About live gig, I guess that would sounds less club, but it would be good as that kind of variations. Very rhythmically and floating. I love housy spots in album but from other side is much more than just a house music. Very innovative. It can be combined in different types of DJ sets. Above all it's spectacular. I see a great lights arround me. Like open space with wide spectrum.
I personally caught the "Montagsrokka". My favorite on this CD!!! Should be a hit!

Will not praise it too much. Really no need for that. Cliche or not, but music has already said enough.
All thubs that I have go UP!!!



Max Pollyul - Movement of Elephant EP

Label: Horns And Hoofs Entertainment
Format: Digital EP
Country: Spain
Release Date: Sep 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Breaks, Techno, Ambient

    Track List:
  1. Movement Of Elephant
  2. Movement Of Elephant (Deto Remix)
  3. Movement Of Elephant (Alic's Snout Remix)
  4. Movement Of Elephant (Dunaewsky69 Remix)
  5. Movement Of Elephant (Triple Distilled Jungle Before The Storm Atmospheric DJ Tool Mix)

First time I've notice his name, Max Pollyul, was on H&H EP release, about year ago. And I can tell that from the very first moment I totally like it what he had to offer. Track called "M-Pill" was one great new expirience for me. According to that one and of course according to this one is one more baby from great H&H, I decide to dig deep inside. First thing first, remixing artists list is totally yum for my ears.

Long time I didnt heard something new from Deto and here is my joy Also my great co-workers Adam and Volker, Dunaewesky69, guy with totally wierd and so interesting approach to techno music and one of the finest trip hop, down-tempo and minimal dub project, 3ple Distilled. Do we need better? I think no!
Ok, lets get this straight! On the first place, this is surely, distinctive sound in today's era of techno evolution. More or less, today's styles, much resembles each other and the thing I like the most with labels like Boshke, H&H, Digital Diamonds, Gravity Plus, etc... is that they gather a lot of different producers, but in 9 / 10 cases, I can feel the "smell" of one of these labels in some releases. Like they have a some kinda trade mark in that techno music. It's something that is still really difficult to achieve, even with individual artists, not to mention label which brings together more artists. Thats the thing I like the most and thats the reason I love to review, mostly their releases.

Anyway, as for the EP, the finest thing is that we have here totally different aproach to one single track, from 5 different projects. Ok, someone would said on this one: "So, what do you expect? Different project different music." Well thats the way it should be, but, unfortunately, it is not with most of electronic music styles. So, the main point and one of the biggest reasons why I so much respect this kind of sound is that, you can sound on the way you want, and still, Your music can be felt as a full member of that music style. Dosen't need you any kind of pattern in which some style commitment you to doing, in order to be recognized. Someone would laugh, but thats the really serious problem with music, nowdays. Much theory, little practice. I found the individual albums that sound like a 60 minutes track. It can easily lead to excess. Which is totally not case with this extended play and this style, as I already said. Original mix have a great theme for releasing a lot of good remixes in mayn different ways. Deto's remix leave the biggest impresium on me. Great dark bassline wich is totally dancing. Love it. Alic's remix is pure refreshment with break beat suit. Dunaewsky69's remix... ... totally deviant bassline. The most interesting for me was the moment with bassline that I experienced as a totally commercial club element that DJ non stop screw with the pitch, while other elements get you in to the pure paranoia groove Crazy sound for shore that I like it. Triple Distilled's remix is something totally different from others. I was in the movie while I listened this one. Completely fits into a psychological thriller shot. Original theme is maintained but the meaning has changed shape into something completely new. Pretty amazing! As the remix title says, it can be use as DJ tool as well, but that option I leave to DJ's.

Really accurately done EP for home listening with touch of club moments that can be easily provide on the dance floor. No need to mention that we need more.
Thank you H&H and to artists who participated.