VA Crosslink 2

Label: Iboga Records / Tribal Vision
Format: 2 x CD, Compilation
Country: Denmark / Czech Republic
Release Date: May 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Progressive Trance

Track List:
    • Iboga CD
  1. Sun Control Species & Behind Blue Eyes - Second Sunrise
  2. Nyquist - Sabe7
  3. Behind Blue Eyes & Krusseldorf - Keep A Sharp Eye
  4. Flowjob - Daily Dragons
  5. Fabel - Free Movement
  6. Ticon - A Sucker For Weekends
  7. Duca & Slater - Virada (Phony Orphants Remix)
  8. Even 11 - 2 Days (Flowjob Remix)
  9. Spleen United - Suburbia (Emok & Lenny Ibizarre Remix)

    • Tribal Vision CD
  1. Astronivo - Tecnoizz
  2. Vibrasphere - Purple
  3. Duca & DJ Slater - Virada
  4. Even 11 - 2 Days
  5. Alter Breed - Back In Black 2010
  6. Solid Snake - Avatar
  7. Tegma & Rocky - Tsasiki & Hummus
  8. Behind Blue Eyes & Krusseldorf - Keep A Sharp Eye (Solid Snake Remix)
  9. Nyquist - Sabe7 (Duca Remix)

Clash of the Titans!!!

This is the name that compilation should carry :))) I mean it. As much for tha labels that has published, that much cause of artists who appear on it. The finest moments paked on two sound holders as one release, signed by Tribal Vision & Iboga in collaboration. Can you wish more? :)

All arround techno sound influenced with progressive beats and drops of trance moments everywhere. CD2 start with beautiful atmosphere from AstroNivo. So much reminds me on my favourite Extrawelt, and it sound soooo good. Can't expect less in the following tracks. Extraordinary theme for morning sunrise with lot of europien electronic music melody culture influence and well known progressive stomping beats. From time to time we can bump in to chill moments that clam down the heat leavel of this compilation, but only for a moment.
Compilation is so colored with lot of different styles but still reserved in one genre.

One of the most inportant thing here is the finest combination of music that these two labels present. It is not some kinda randum playlist that we can find nowdays even with only one label issue. Someone would said: "Its not that hard to compile two labels music that release same style". It is true that both label have a simulary approach to the electronic music, but lot of artists here produce very different music. For example, CD1 is much more in to older progressive vibes as Iboga always did. Lot of new arrange, but still smell of deer progressive sound that we met back in 2004-2005 (the most influenced period for me in proggy). The things I'm talking about are the best presented with track from Flowjob on second CD. Very great combinations of styles. Again, this release will win your mind no matter if its play on open air events or indoor club parties. It have that kind of sound in tracks which create their own "sound cube" all arround the dance floor, in or outside.

All in all, this is wonderful combination and compilation. Verry good names on it. The best for me is start of CD2 and middle od CD1. Love it!

As for DJs, they will notice the best, all tracks are so DJ friendly for mixing. Also there is some tracks that can be used as DJ tools for improvement of huge stomping moments that we live for on the dance floor. With one sentence: "Spread the wings of cover of this double released CD and take off!"


Principles of Flight - Smash EP

Label: Timecode Records
Format: Digital EP
Country: South Africa
Release Date: Apr 2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: Psy-Trance

    Track List:
  1. Smash
  2. Bubble Up

I am very positively surprised by the sound of this EP. From the first moment of listening I became very good quality impression of those two tracks. What kept me up to listening this release is actually a very good arrangement of the complete beat. Very good techy groove with an exceptional background samples of non articulated characters. Spooky and creepy but with very energetic emphasis. Fantastic moment that runs through most of bassline is one of the most responsible why my legs are separated from the floor. No matter of lot coverage full on moments, this release I would describe like one of experimental psychedelic tech trance tune with gothic melodic parts. Excellent combination.

And what is the best it fit in almost any kind of psychedelic trance DJ sets. I am not surprised at all with label who published this EP cause If I remember well, in the near past, this label already had an expirience with this kind of style. Even one of their label artists, Shift, had similar shares of their previous releases. No matter of that is the europian combination of artists in project, definitely music is South African style.

In case I'm a promoter these guys would be on my booking list for shore, but instead of that will be in my play list for sure.

One step closer to the universe.

My best wishes to you boys!!!