Tobias Felbermayr - Dopamin Remix EP

Label: Nachtstrom Schallplatten
Format: Vinyl, 12", EP
Country: Germany
Release Date: Mar 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno, Minimal

    Track List:
  1. A1 Rush (Johannes Heil's Flow Remix)
  2. B1 Serotonin (WJ Henze Rmx)

After summer "break", lets say on that way, I finally get back to dedicate my self with things that i like the most. Peaceful music listening, without any obligation for a while. Of course there was a lot of promos I got from my friends and how's Nachtstrom is one of my favourite I pick up first release that from the moment I "stoped". Tobias Felbermayr is the name that i didn't heard before but his EP under the label like NST is for shore is on my listening list. I notice two remix version on this record. From Side A Johannes Heil's remix and from side B Jorge Henze. Also unknown names for me. So let's start with sound story. From the very first moment I've play this EP i catch my self stering in one dot on the wall. Dry kick drum with following elemens, arround influenced on me very hypnotic. Adfter while tinny acid melody, totally trippy, brings me in to wonderland. In the same time wierd and spooky, and beat goes on and on. This track is great to be admixture element for any other tech tune prepared for mixing. Some kinda DJ tool stuff. It takes 9 minutes, true, but after last second I realised that I need more actually. Especially I love clean, groove part, which reminds me the most on one of my favourite tracks which is "Midi Miliz - The Missing Guest (Tony Rohr Remix)" released on Boshke Beats.

Switch tech side and groove comes harder. Something for my body too, not just for my soul as previous. When I declare track for my body and soul, then I actually mean on mood that tracks present me. First one was for shaking by the bar while I'm drinking and this side is a moment when my drink is in the background and my legs stat with serious moving. Deep and fat groove is the thing I like the most in music. Of course, agressive clap with a bit syncope in rhythm is a pleasure. Drops of lead that get enter on every second step with oscillating is actually full flavour pleasure on this sweet flatline track. Perfect tune for reverb filtering on the dance flor. Really love the way, when artists leave some space for DJ. When they are not so greedy, to take all credits from the dance floor.



Duca & DJ Slater - Virada Remixes

Label: Tribal Vision
Format: Digital EP
Country: Czech Republic
Release Date: Aug 2010
Genre: Electronic
Style: Progressive House

    Track List:
  1. Virada
  2. Virada (Manuel De La Mare Remix)

Duca strikes again with new release on tribal vision along with label owner DJ Slater in collaboration and all that covered with one more outstanding remix of Manuel De La Mare. New era of minimal essence mixed with tech house moments with a fat balloon groove and pumping beat. Silence at club comes with long rising break point of metal lead shynth that becomes more and more active with every step forward in track, finishing with pich up lines and not intrusive follow-up of this single. When you volume up this part you can, actually, feel the pick of energy no matter if its not euphoricly presented as artists usually do. I ask one of my friend to put remix and original track together in non stop mix, cause I was interested to hear a relation between them when it is presentet as one song. And guess what! Better works on that way then each track separately. That means we actually have a 3th track on this EP which can be made by any of listener who doing mixing music for fun or as a job. Cause of stronger groove, which is not advantage of original track mix in relation to the remix, original mix is more DJ tool and it is great to be, sometimes background and sometimes main track, especially in the break moment.

Without any introducing any or performenrs on this EP, we already know them very well from a lot of previous awesome releases, all I can say is put this on the plastic if its possible so DJ s can touch it, or at least serato can simulate that option.

One more great strike on electronic music scene.