Prime Suspect

American artist Ariel Electron and German electronic music producer Jan Muller have joined forces to produce the criminal sounds of Prime Suspect. With a blend artpop-disco-industrial-techno-newwave-electro-go-go punk and live vocals this duo creates a distinctive, futuristic hybrid of dance. The compelling mix of electronic punk features both Jan & Ariel Electron's emotive vocals, adding a taste of yesterday‘s anarchist sarcastic flavor, but never interferes with the music.
Jan as progammer and composer uses as many analogue sounds as possible, bringing musicians into the studio, creating a virtual band. Featured on various tracks of the up and coming debut album, "BANG!" is the guitar mastership of the legendary East Bay Ray of the Dead Kennedys. Supporting members are Johann Bley on drums (ex-member of KMFDM & Juno Reactor) Jasper Scholtz, bass guitar and vocals.
Jan & Ariel‘s talent exceed music production. Jan also is a very adept computer progammer in informatics, web-design & animation. Jan comes from a family who‘s musical background is generations old. Jan trained piano, bass guitar and started computer programming at age 14.
Ariel comes from an extensive background in dance (student of the Doris Humphrey technique for many years) visual arts, & post-neo-explosive creative writing.
Next to Prime Suspect, Jan is the co-producer of internationally renowed project X-Dream. Starting out in Hip-Hop in 1989, evolving into X-Dream and various side projects, reflecting each time a new flavor of expression. Ariel joined as vocalist on the last album, Interface. Interface is a social comentary on technologies evolution & ethical ramifications "both positive & negative". (Prime Suspect Ideology & Future Release Plan)...

Living in a genre specific world as an artist with a palate for embracing various styles and ideas is often thwarted by such a protocol. We are all about defying this rule! Prime Suspect delivers the world of "and", dropping the calculated concept of "or". So get ready for quality music! Our debut album "BANG!" is set to be released in September 2007. Cover & poster art by 3D comic and Lowbrow artist Bob X of Memphis Tennessee. Bob X is creator and controller of XEX GRAPHIX. Bob X is well known for his super wild graphic comics and artwork of the 1980's, that soon became known worldwide as the "Ugly Art" movement. Influences range from 1960‘s Pop Culture, comic books, rock & roll, monster/horror films, hot rod art (Ed " BIG DADDY" Roth), psychedelics, ZAP comics, DADA, Cubist, Surrealist, etc....You can find Bob‘s 3-d work in the many additions of the infamous (L.A. based) RAY ZONE 3-d comics. We would like to thank Bob X, East Bay Ray, along with Jasper Sholtz, Xavier Morel & Torben Friese for their contribution. And all the rest of our friends and family that support & believe in us.

All the Best,
Ariel Electron & Jan