Paul Harbor | Pallida

This is one of the two solo projects of Andreas Lingbrand. The idea of the Paul Harbor project started in 2005 and was a fusion between Chillout/BreakBeat and Jazz. The debut album "Insert Yourself" took some years to do and there were many things that interruptded the production (most of them were good things). At a very eary age Andreas got hooked on drums, beats and rhythms. He started to play drums himself in school at the age of ten but since he had no chance to have his own set, the time for practice shrunk as the time went by. The music of Paul Harbor is the way for him to live out the hibernating drummer inside. Also it´s telling a story about the variation of the music that reflects the very life itself.

The second solo project of this guy is called Pallida and it has just started to release music at Horns and Hoofs Entertainment. This is the techno/trance project that has been lurking for 15 years. Hopefully there are others out there who mignt enjoy this psychedelic techno.

For some of the fans of chillout music, Andreas might be known already. He is one half of the duo called Yggdrasil and the first album "Prose Edda", got a very good responce from the friends in the chillout scen. Together with his fellow companion Mathias Eriksson the second album is about to be finalized, so stay tuned.