Jay Eric

Hailing from Denver, Colorado, USA, Jay Eric has spent 14 years seeding and cultivating psytrance culture in America. He is a founding member of Arizona's first psytrance collective Overmind Works, an electronics wizard for the world renown LED hoop company Astral Hoops, and a crewman/DJ for the Midwest based Spacecamp Psyfari Crew.
With all this under his belt, he has cast a wide net over the US dance community from the deserts of the southwest and Mexico, over the Rocky Mountains, and into the plains of middle America. As a long time collector/DJ he can play a wide array of psychedelic trance styles, but primarily over the last three years he's concentrated his focus on driving, complex, progressive techno trance with dark, futuristic, and industrial atmospheres.
He is a welcome addition to the Soundmute Recordings family.