CHRONOS is musical creation from talented musician & producer Nick Klimenko (aka DJ Shankar) also known as Hologram & Secret Trick trance projects in past from Moscow, Russia.
Since 2001 project brings lots of sacral & esoterical ideas through audio-visual performances, music & people combined in one source of vision & slogan - "Music for awakening consciousness".
The way of Chronos paths between ambient/ethnic influences and chillout/trip trance vibrations. The word CHRONOS from ancient greek language translates like "Time", like internity invisible by mind engine, symbol of our evolution.

In 2007:
First debut album "Steps To The Great Knowledge" was released by Sunline Rec (Canada), Moscow musician Dimitriy Neschadim aka. C.J.Catalizer coming to the project with new fresh ideas & sound. Artists working on second Chronos album - "Quid Est Veritas?" which will be released in early 2009.

In 2008:
After finishing an album artists decide to go sepperate with musical creation & now Chronos again becoming a solo project of Nick Klimenko. Music of Chronos project transmits on TV ("Screen 5" channel in Moscow), in different radioshows ("Signs" by Volodia DJ Fonar (Moscow), Bulgarian radio - - official presentation of debut album), plays by many DJs around the world (Germany, Macedonia, Israel, Canada, Greece, America).
Now Chronos is one of the most serious & respectible live acts in Moscow, Russia.
Played on one scene with: Asura, Abacus, Aes Dana, Shulman, Jaia, Scann Tec, Unstable Elements, Khooman, Koan, etc.
Nick is a label DJ & artist for Ajana Rec & Sunline Rec. Deeply involved in worldwide chillout movement and in process of it's development with presentations, mixes, interviews, lives & DJ sets.