Label Artists

Cold Project (Night Progressive Trance)
Opsy (Night Progressive & Techno Trance)
Rezolut (Techno Trance)
Le S4B0T3UR (Techno Trance)
ManMadeMan (PsyTrance & Ambient)
Goasia (Ambient & Chill)
Manibus (Techno Trance)
Kanc Cover (Ambient, Chill & Dub)
Excizen (Techno Trance)
Kali Frogz (Techno Trance & Ambient)
Alic (Techno Trance)
Christopher Grüning & H`Kim (Psychedelic Techno, NeoTrance)
Lauge & Baba Gnohm (Ambient & Chill)
Cybered (Techno Trance)
Magnetik | Traumwelt (Ambient, Chill & Progressive)
Sentna (Psychedelic Techno Trance)
Paul Harbor | Pallida (Chillout / Jazz / Dub)
Mataya (Ambient & Chill)
Semblances of Life (Ambient & Chill)
Anyer Quantum (DJ Set)
FleK (DJ Set)
Jay Eric (DJ Set)
Oscuro (DJ Set)
Styx (DJ Set)

Guest Artists

Asura (Ambient & Chill)
Extrawelt (Techno Trance)
Petar Cvetkovic (Techno Trance)
Silicon Sound (Techno Trance)
Cujorius One (Progressive Trance)
Triangle Eyes (Techno, Electronic)
Side Liner (Ambient & Chill)
Carbon Based Lifeforms (Ambient & Chill)
The Delta (Techno Trance)
Prime Suspect (Techno Trance)
Jurek Przezdziecki aka Epi Centrum (Techno Trance)
Fuzzion (Tech PsyTrance)
Tar'BEAT (Psychedelic Techno)
Chronos (Ambient & Chill)
Kino Oko (Techno Trance)
Chitoon (Industrial, Downtempo)
Easily Embarrassed (Ambient & Chill)
Trevor McGregor | Kalumet (Techno Trance)
October Rust (Techno Trance)
Theme Fe (Remixer of Techno Trance)
Liquid Flow (Ambient & Chill)
Erot (Ambient & Chill)
Quite-K (Techno Psychedelic Trance)