Soundmute Japan Tour 2008

Less than 9 months have passed since the first tour of Kanc Cover and the Goasia project in Japan. This year the Japanese audience will again have the opportunity to hear this producer, in 3 different live acts and 2 DJ sets. All this is about the newly-formed tech trance project of this producer, Orbital Psy, widely known as OPSY, and it has been booked this year in two well-known Tokyo clubs, Cube326 and Ageha; Goasia and Kanc Cover live act will perform on open air party in JZ Trance organization in the Namesawa (Yamanashi) camp, as well as the ambient DJ set.
In a chronological order, the promotion of Goasia’s new album “From Other Spaces” which has been released for Belgian label Suntrip Records. OPSY project will be promoting the V/A “Supermarket” release of the temporarily closed Ultiva Records label, and the opening of a new label by booking agency, and that is the record label of electronic music “Soundmute Recordings”, which you can also visit on the official MySpace presentation. On the same party will be presented the EP “Distorted Roads”of Manibus project, as the first release of Soundmute Recordings. In the end of the entire story, with his downtempo-ambient live act and DJ set, Kanc will close the tour in Japan and representation of community altogether.

The prosperity of Soundmute, although noticeable, will enable its artists even more successful breach of their already successful careers, domestically and abroad in general.

Soundmute Recordings

Soundmute Recordings has been founded with the intention to bring its contribution to the cultivation of the world’s electronic music scene with its musical releases. Not limiting to only one style, this label will mark off several sub labels as well, which will be based on the singular presentation of some of the styles so dear to us, such as Ambient, Goa, Techno and Trance, as well as the music of a more progressive character. Of course, every release with the Soundmute Recordings prefix will contain the name of the sub label, so that it can be known which musical style is implied. In the future, we will do our best to satisfy even more tastes with quality music and by doing that gain larger number of electronic sound lovers, and for the near future, we are preparing for you the first release from this house, and it will be techno trance project Manibus and his first EP named “Distorted Roads”.