Le Saboteur - Lost EP - SMR002 | OUT NOW

Our next release will be tech trance project Le Saboteur on EP named "Lost".
Behind the name Le S4B0T3UR is Joakim Hakansson from Sweden, who earlier produced tracks under the name Dopamin who was released alongside heroes such as X-Dream and Midimiliz on Moonflower Productions. First release as Le S4B0T3UR with the track Sabotage came out on Mechanical Dragon and got great reviews.

Joakim has been producing psytrance since 1997 and was discovered by Nephilim Records who released several tracks of his on various compilations together with vinyl EP, other labels that has released Joakim's work are High Society, Nephilim Records, Chackra Delic Rec., ZMA, ZYX, Moonflower productions, Mechanical Dragons.

The change to the name Le S4B0T3UR came to the realization because there where too many people on the net and in the electronic music whose names were similar to Dopamin. It was also a way to break free from a mould created with the Dopamin releases; Le S4B0TEUR gives room to more experimentation of IDM influences in the creation of his new music.

At the moment he is signed for electronic music label Soundmute Recordings, and if you like dirty and hard music, then Le S4B0T3UR has real tunes for you!

    Track List:
  1. Lost
  2. Ground Effect
  3. Subject 325
  4. OPSY - Faith (Le S4B0T3UR Remix)

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Soundmute Recordings' First Release

The release, which newly formed record label, and already older and well-known music company and artists community "Soundmute", chose for its opening release, is in fact the mentioned Manibus project. The reason for that is that Manibus' style fits entirely into a sound definition of Soundmute Recordings. Harder techno rhythms full of percussions and distortions, as well as the perfect fat pads of oscillating notes, in the form of a bassline and emotional highlight string essence that reaches out to the maximal euphoria on the dance floor. Well chosen BPM and within it carefully summarized program of many styles of the techno sound and SFXs which can be heard in trance tracks, are the perfect combination for all prestige techno-trance DJs worldwide. Apart from eventual description of the release, we enclose the sample previews of all three tracks, so you can be assured about the content of the text that describes the release. Everything else is a matter of taste.

Beside the links where you can preview the release, we are placing links where you can buy the release at affordable price and in payable way. Actually, the release can be bought in two ways:
1. as a whole, complete EP, that contains 3 tracks;
2. or "breaking" the EP into singles, therefore buying each of the tracks separately and/or individually, depending on what you are looking for or expect.

Thank you for your shown trust and we hope that you will watch closely for our releases, which will in the near future spread on other media as well.

Soundmute Recordings

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