Kali Frogz - The Undertaking EP - SMR016 | OUT NOW

Kali Frogz are Christophe Fabulet and Eric Brandy from France. Christophe used to play as a chill-out DJ for over 10 years and created a radio-show about Psytrance and Ambient on a local station. Eric is into music creation since he worked on some old soundtrackers at the end of the 90's... Their taste for electronic music, deep atmospheres and dirty ground-shaking beats led them to create Kali Frogz, which sound can be described as a rough techno/trance crossover, blended by massive rythms and experimental layers.
Kali-Frogz are also working on some weird electro/ambient tunes which complete their musical investigations. For these guys, there is no styles-boundaries, just good or bad music.
Kali Frogz guys follow their personal project under several aliases: bObTracker (Chris): ambiant electronica, released on Ultimae recs and more. Eric releases his own technoid stuff under his real name on

Artist Info

Artist: Kali Frogz
Album: The Undertaking EP
Genre: Techno - Trance
Label: Soundmute Recordings
Catalogue: SMR016
Tracks: 4
Format: Digital
Distributer: Beatport & Juno Download
Release Date: May 2009
Mastering: Overslide Studios

    Track List:
  1. Abadon's Birthday
  2. Chipset Riot
  3. Axis99
  4. Sub-Z'ero

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Easily Embarrassed - Through the Galaxy EP - SMR015 | OUT NOW

Easily Embarrassed is the electronic chill out project of brothers Nick van der Schilden and Jeffrey van der Schilden from the Netherlands. The project was first founded on the 8th of July in 2006 by Nick, Jeffrey and Peter Spaargaren when they decided to work together after each of them having done various solo projects in the past.

A fusion of electronic, ambient, psydub and techno with emotional synth work and noisy atmospheres was born.
In 2006 the promotional EP "From Sunset last Night to Sunrise this Morning" was released, followed by the well received EP "Darkened Emotion" in 2007. Their full length debut album "Idyllic Life" was released in 2008.

Artist Info

Artist: Easily Embarrassed
Album: Through the Galaxy EP
Genre: Ambient - Downtempo - Electronica
Label: Soundmute Recordings | Ambilight Group
Catalogue: SMR015
Tracks: 3
Format: Digital
Distributer: Beatport & Juno download
Release date: May 2009
Mastering: Overslide Studios

    Track List:
  1. Ancient Technology
  2. Nano
  3. Uncharted Space

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