Excizen - Doppelhelix EP - SMR019 | OUT NOW

After awesome LP (album version) release on our label in january this year, EP on Pure Perception and remix for Opsy's, Reactor 4 track on outstanding german label Nachtstrom Schallplatten, this time we bring you brend new EP "Doppelhelix"!!! Let's remind our listeners what this project is about:
It's about newly started project with admixture of techno, trance, industrial & trip hop sound. Behind this creation is long time known M. Bako aka Man Machine (psychedelic trance project) and Semblances of Life (ambient). Born 1982 in Stara Pazova, Serbia. After enormous listening experience based mostly on electronic music, and many years of DJ-ing, he turns to production and at the very beginning makes a minor success in Britain's higherground show in 2003. For the last nine years, he has been an editor of Ravevox project that is being broadcasted on local radio RSP FM, which deals with techno sound. He is currently working in his Rocktifex studio in Stara Pazova, dedicated to production only, and he also signed for Soundmute Recordings. Excizen will present you one novelty experience from his point of view on psychedelic sound in heavy industrial & mechanical beats and abstract down tempo elements of music.
Take it and enjoy it...

Artist Info

Artist: Excizen
Album: Doppelhelix EP
Genre: Techno - Industrial - Trance
Label: Soundmute Recordings
Catalogue: SMR019
Tracks: 4
Format: Digital
Mastering: Excizen
Distribution: Beatport Exclusive
Release Date: September 2009

    Track List:
  1. Azbuktanz
  2. Doppelhelix
  3. Espier
  4. Purpledrop

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Cold Project - Deep Downstairs EP - SMR018 | OUT NOW

It is a big pleasure to announce excellent night progressive techno trance project from South Africa. It is about great producers' duo under the name Cold project, which is again on our list for shooting EP!!! This time in collaboration with same style, project OPSY!!!

Cold Project are Ian Jukes aka G.E.M_37 (1978) and Ivan Steyn aka Sense (1978). Both hail from completely different musical backgrounds, but both have common interests in dark electronic dance music produced in early 2000's by the names like Son Kite, Tegma, Ticon and many more Scandinavian forest-trance producers. Cold Project is formed in late 2005, with a will to create something dark and different in the local South African scene and with aim to create music that bridges the ever-growing gap between progressive and fullon trance.
Cold Project intents to make music with enough headroom to get lost in, within the darker spectrum of trance. Over the years, they have tweaked their sound into something special. A sound that is true to the word progressive as each live set aims to take you from the lighter side of the evening all the way into deep nighttime progressive. The music is serious and moody with big sounds and grinding electronic beats.

Artist Info

Title: Deep Downstairs EP
Artists: Cold Project
Label: Soundmute Recordings
Catalogue: SMR018
Tracks: 4
Format: Digital
Distributer: Beatport EXCLUSIVE!!!
Release Date: July 2009
Mastering by Overslide Studios

    Track List:
  1. In the Beginning
  2. Deep Downstairs (feat Opsy)
  3. Lost Sequence
  4. Quantize

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