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Mataya - Between Spaces LP - SMR046 | OUT NOW

After great MANMADEMAN, our next release in May will be MATAYA's full length ambient & chill album. An amazing electronic music producer,, well-know to followers who checked his latest releases on Soundmute's VA Winter Solstice and his solo EP "With You" recently published on our label. This time, 9 fantastic and amazing tracks will be served to all you chillers out there. Don't be afraid to share this message with all the ambient and chillout freaks on the planet 'cause this album will open your summer for sure!!!
In a week or two, it will be available on our bandcamp and beatport.From a global point of view, not just our personal taste, this album is a masterpiece in a form that most of you wish to hear in the sea of constantly repeating and the same music. Samples and official announcement are coming very soon, although I would like the most to just publish without any samples 'cause this album is "in your face" composition and production.
Mataya, thank you for your outstanding music and for honor that you give us with this chance to publish this dream of sound you've produced.

Artist Info

Title: Between Spaces LP
Artist: Mataya
Label: Soundmute Recordings
Style: Ambient & Chillout
Tracks: 9
Format: Digital
Catalog Number: SMR046
Distribution: Beatport, Bandcamp
Release Date: May 2013
Written and Produced by Matija Tonkovic
Mastered by Matia Tonkovic aka Mataya

    Track List:
  1. Animate
  2. Sleep You (feat Turquoise May)
  3. Global Warmth
  4. Out of Mind Baby
  5. Half Yellow
  6. Orange
  7. World
  8. Light In
  9. Angel Falls

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