Dear friends,
We are about to offer you one unique experience for Christmas. Brand new techno trance compilation to end this year in big style. Most of you will be thrilled I guess with this amazing cup of mature sound which demand mature behavior on the dance floor.
We are so glad that you will enjoy winter days and nights with pure club and festival stormers from this release.
Love you all with all of our hearts.
Soundmute team

    Track List:
  1. Chitoon - Low
    (w&p by Alexander Bolovintsev & Tanya Erokhova, Russia)
  2. Himmelkompass - Zeitnot
    (w&p by Alex Wolf, Ukraine)
  3. Rezolut - Assorted
    (w&p by Miroslav Bako & Vladislav Radulovic aka Kanc Cover, Serbia & Croatia)
  4. Sentna - THX1138
    (w&p by Apostolos Karalis, Greece)
  5. Le Saboteur - The Harbinger
    (w&p Joakim Hakanson, Sweden)
  6. Excizen - Rauschsperre
    (w&p by Miroslav Bako, Serbia)
  7. Opsy - Kommar Pneumatik
    (w&p by Vladislav Radulovic aka Kanc Cover, Croatia)
  8. Quite-K - Another Sign
    (w&p by Max Pozdeev, Ukraine)
  9. Pallida - Soul Diving
    (w&p by Andreas Lingbrand, Sweden)

Title: Mature Behavior
Artist: Various Artists
Label: Soundmute Recordings
Style: Psychedelic Techno Trance
Tracks: 9
Format: Digital
Catalogue Number: SMR050
Release Date: 20 December 2013

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