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An amazing moment is when we establish a collaboration with such a great trance legends like ManMadeMan. Fantastic duo, Sonya and Paul, pleasing the electronic scene since 1994, and leaving a remembering trace all over the globe. Their music opens souls and breaks legs on major festivals' dance floors. This time, they decided to open hearts and minds in a totally another direction, and to treat us with an extraordinarily peaceful journey through a cosmical state of mind. From classic moments to universal feelings!!!
Brand new full length and gapless album with extraordinary ambient sound comes from legendary trance project ManMadeMan!!!
This is a singularly!!! We are proud!!!

    Track List:
  1. This Land
  2. Living Memory
  3. Threshold
  4. Hill Top
  5. Strange Cloud
  6. Where We Are Now
  7. Dancing Light
  8. Closer Still
  9. The Touch
  10. Inside and Outside
  11. First and Last
  12. + bonus: ManMadeMan - Theophany (Full Album Continuous Mix)

Title: Theophany
Artist: ManMadeMan
Label: Soundmute Recordings
Style: Ambient & Chillout
Tracks: 11 plus Full Album Continuous Mix
Format: Digital
Catalogue Number: SMR045
Release Date: 04 March 2013
All tracks written, recorded and produced by Paul Baguley and Sonya Bailey at Tetrapod
Cover photo by Sonya Bailey

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