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Finally. Long awaited EP from Kanc Cover, an electronic music artist and one of the main Soundmute Recordings artist is here. Most of you already know Kanc from psychedelic Goa trance project Goasia with his colleague Balint Tihamer, psyteck project Opsy, and newly formed industrial techno project Rezolut with his colleague Miroslav Bako from projects Man Machine and Excizen.
As an ambient and chill music producer, Kanc defines himself in cooperation with Koan on "Relax Mode" released on Blue Tunes Recordings, with Side Liner on his album "Human Recycle" on Cosmicleaf, and with rework on Man With No Name's track "Sugar Rush" in ambient version on Altar Records.
In this EP we can expect 3 extra dreamy and emotional tracks with touch of floating space elements. Disregarding that Kanc releases music in this ambient form, his debut album can be expected sometime in the beginning of 2012 and, of course, to be much more active in this music style in the future. This is a great news for people who really want to hear much more of his ambient and chill works.
For more information about Kanc Cover, feel free to check out his profiles, listed here in this notice. Thank you.

    Track List:
  1. Crystalsphere
  2. Eternal Sunshine
  3. Settle One's Mind

Title: Sleepy Cells
Artist: Kanc Cover
Label: Soundmute Recordings
Style: Ambient & Chill
Tracks: 3
Format: Digital
Catalogue Number: SMR032
Release Date: 20 June 2011
Mastering by Miroslav Bako at Rocktifex Studio
Cover Photo by Dave Martinidez

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