Silicon Sound - Combustion EP - SMR035 | OUT NOW

Dear friends,
Mr. Johannes Regnier aka SILICON SOUND!!!
Of course you all know Silicon Sound project, even from earlier days of psychedelic trance, back in 2001. Also a bit newer project with Jaia, Even 11 is something that ring your bell for sure.
A lot of performances around the world's festival stages has left a permanent impression of unique trance sound that this well-known project fosters.
On this outstanding EP you will have an opportunity to check 2 gorgeous admixture of techno and trance styles. Mechanical beats flavoured with nicest trance pads and melodies is about to knock on your speaker cones. Be prepared!!!

Artist Info

Title: Combustion EP
Artist: Silicon Sound
Label: Soundmute Recordings
Style: Psychedelic Techno Trance
Tracks: 2
Format: Digital
Catalogue Number: SMR035
Distributer: Beatport, Junodownload & Bandcamp
Release Date: October 2011
Track 1 w&p by Johannes Regnier
Track 2 w&p by Damien Michenaud, remixed by Johannes Regnier
Mastering by Johannes Regnier
Cover Design by Kanc Cover

    Track List:
  1. Combustion
  2. Aladiah - Antidote (Silicon Sound remix)

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Rezolut - Earpolluter EP - SMR034 | OUT NOW

Hello to all electronic music lovers,
We are not any less passionate electronic music lovers than you are. That's the reason why we had that cool idea about establishing projects, creating sound, publishing music that we consider very good and quality, to be available to all of you that respect and like it. We consider our label as a jukebox. For a symbolic price that keeps us forward in releasing, all of you get a pile of outstanding beats and vibes from around the world. So, the time has come to present you with the newly formed and great collaboration project from our two well know tech-trance producers, OPSY and Excizen, shaped in form of a new born - REZOLUT!!!

Rezolut was found last year, sometime in November, when those two minds came on idea to unite best from both side. Deep atmosphere, mechanical beats, fat long basslines and pumping groove of techno is their signature on todays scene. Recently, they published on official web a short version of promo mix tape where many of the listeners could hear in what direction the idea of a new project Rezolut moves. Now, after awhile, first official release as EP comes on our label, Soundmute Recordings.

This EP is just a promise to all admirers of Rezolut music, that fresh material will be released as full length album very soon. Till then, no one will be deprived of new tapes from Rezolut. Not long after this EP you'll be able to catch yet another baby on the upcoming compilation of Digital Diamonds. For more information Rezolut will update you on their official web, which link is shown in the further notice down below.

Thank you all and do not hesitate to jump around all over your room, 'cause parents, neighbors or wives will understand. REZOLUT comes with an EARPOLLUTION!!!

Artist Info

Title: Earpolluter EP
Artist: Rezolut (Excizen & Opsy)
Label: Soundmute Recordings
Format: Digital
Catalogue Number: SMR034
Distributer: Beatport
Release Date: September 10, 2011
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno Trance
Tracks: 2
Mastering by Miroslav Bako @ Rocktifex Studio, Serbia
Cover Art: Kanc Cover @ Soundmute Studio, Croatia
All tracks written and produced by Kanc Cover & Miroslav Bako

    Track List:
  1. Blender Engine
  2. Earpolluter

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